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breakfast of *lactose intolerant* champions

aw you’re so adorably genetically inferior :)

I was perfect until two years ago then the devil took over my body

you poor child


Fun History Fact,

Originally the Great Pyramids were bright white with a shiny gold top.  This was because they originally were built with an outer layer of highly polished limestone and a gold capstone on the Great Pyramid itself.  Over time, the gold capstone was stolen and the limestone was pilfered by stone masons for building materials.


When someone walks up behind you and you’re reading fan fics…


does anyone else convert oxygen into carbon dioxide or is that just me lol 

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I can’t say bowie knife without having david in front of it

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magical girl internet explorer 

"I wish I was a better browser, that people would use me for more than just downloading my browser sisters, and everyone would love me just as much as them.  That is my wish."

what’s the witch look like

Anonymous said:
How about a lugia?


Lugia comes to a sudden realisation